Xcel Energy first launched its Wildfire Mitigation Program in 2018. We filed our Wildlife Mitigation Plan with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission in 2019. Also, in 2019, we conducted inspections and began replacing our infrastructure including:

  • Inspection of more than 2,900 miles of electric transmission line and 1,500 miles of transmission gas pipeline in Colorado via ground and aerial patrol and infrared inspection of all transmission lines.
  • Analysis of 801 transmission structures for extreme loading conditions.
  • Intrusive inspection of more than 2,800 wood transmission poles and 66,680 wood distribution poles. More than 2,300 of these distribution poles were replaced.

In 2020, we are continuing to execute our strategy and enhance operating procedures, including continuing system hardening, further develop system monitoring technologies, and enhance community partnerships. Our 2020 plans include:

  • Continuing work underway to inspect and harden assets  and develop enhanced operating procedures to manage elevated fire threat conditions.
  • Develop and incorporate emerging technologies such as drones, covered conductor, and advanced monitoring. Enhance industry and community partnerships through stakeholder outreach and information sharing, gathering input, peer utility engagement, sharing best practices and lessons learned
  • Advancing initiatives by exploring emerging technologies such as remote sensing technology and predictive analytics promoting early detection of arcing to mitigate fire risk.
  • Filing an updated Wildfire Mitigation Plan with the Colorado Public Utility Commission in August 2020.